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duty labs - a small digital agency focused on fast iterations.

we help you disrupt as soon as possible.


technologies we use and love.

Ruby on Rails, NodeJS, TensorFlow, Numpy, Keras, Jupyter, Hadoop, Spark, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Sketch, CSS, HTML5, Bootstrap, React, React-Native, D3.js, Google Cloud, Kubernetes, AWS, Heroku, CI/CD, gRPC, Protocol Buffers, Atom, Trello, Slack, GSuite, GitHub, GitLab

our core values.

we take ownership.

Each and every member takes end-to-end ownership of every project we take on. We do not cut cut corners. Instead, we focus on long-term quality through test coverage, documentation, communication and product excellence.

we are proactive.

We always keeps moving forward. We do not just ask a question and leave it — we propose a solution and quickly came up with a prototype.

we are open to learning.

We appreciate being open and adaptable to solve any given task, no matter the technologies and obstacles that we are given. Every opportunity we are given is an opportunity to learn and unleash our potential in new ways.

we actively communicate.

Trust is not built by going silent for a week while we are deep in progress on our work — we build trust that we are meeting expectations by showing our output, however we can, every day.




A mentorship and community program for Software Engineers that want to grow and do more.



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